Any Questions?

YES. Unless damaged the vest is reusable, only the cartridge needs to be replaced after activation and the key ball reinserted into the activation mechanism. However, you need to carefully check if the system has been damaged on impact.
NO. The vest is activated automatically by the coiled wire (tubing) within one second of the rider falling off.
NO the vest always needs to be worn as the outermost layer of clothing to give the air cushions enough space to fold out.
NO the bottom of the cartridge is destroyed during use and can not be refilled.
You can wash the outer vest/jacket in case you have a model ( e.g. MCplus, Leo) where you can remove the airbag system.
It depends on which version you are wearing.
The vests weigh between 900 g and 1.4 kg.
Taking your ‘seatbelt’ off is a routine that most people are used to as drivers, however, As soon as the coiled wire stretches to its limit the vest will activate. If the size of the rider and the height of the horse are not set carefully then the vest will needlessly be activated. Care must be taken by the rider to unclip the coiled wire before dismounting. On the other hand you can be sure to see only laughing faces around you 😉
The neck, the upper front part of the body and the area of the back (lumbar vertebra) are protected by the activation of the vest
It is really easy and uncomplicated to change a cartridge and reassemble the activation mechanism. You can do this in 2-3 minutes at home.
The spiral cord runs directly to your saddle and you will not be affected by it.
As soon as a force of 30kg is attached to the spiral cord it will be disconnected and you are free – and inflated 😉
Your Hit Air Airbag will be completely inflated for approx. 10 sec. and then it slowly starts to deflate. To speed this up you can remove the old cartridge.
The spiral cord always must be adjusted as short as possible to enable a fast inflation of the Airbag. Just sit on your saddle and start to shorten it as much as you can before you feel disturbed by it. Keep in mind that the Airbag will only  be inflated when 30kg are pulling at the spiral cord – so you should not be afraid of inadvertently activating it. To shorten the spiral cord please also refer to the manual!
Please read the manual carefully – and completely
Then you only have to screw the cartridge into the vest and connect the spiral cord with its correct length to your saddle. You must not use the Tool Kit or anything else while getting started!
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