Bikers love the feeling of freedom, speed and action. However, for the adventure on two wheels, you risk a lot more than when you are driving a car. Now accident investigators analyzed the danger for motorcyclist. They found out, that the risk to get killed while riding a motorbike is 14 times higher, than while driving a car. With ordinary riding apparel, in the event of an accident the only thing that separates you from the pavement is textile or leather and maybe some ballistics. None of the traditionally designed riding apparel provides significant protection for neck, back, hip and torso injuries. So an extra protection is needed to reduce the permanent danger for health and life!
The idea of using a type of “air bag” for motorcycle apparel has been around for a while.

However, the early versions were hot, heavy, bulky and unattractive. After a considerable amount of investment starting from 1996, Hit-Air line of apparel has improved on the design to include protection for the neck and hips as well as for the back and torso. Further more the Hit-Air jackets and vests are washable after the airbag system has been removed. This combination of style and functionality makes the Hit-Air product the best overall riding gear on the market. Now there are now excuses like “I am just taking a short ride…”, “It is too warm…” for riding without any protective clothing!
The Hit-Air airbag system has proved itself for motorcyclist a long time ago. There are several suggestions on Hit-Air products in magazines like “Alpentourer” (4/2009), “Reise Motorrad” (1/2010) and “Motorradfahrer” (3/2010).

This is how it works

At first a cartridge is screwed in straight and firmly. Easy mobility is the key to the design and so with this in mind a plastic coated coil wire is fixed to the airbag vest. There is another coil that clips into this having first been attached to the motorcycle. After the rider has mounted the motorcycle he/she simply clips the two coils together or as we say fastens his/her ‘seat belt’. The coiled wire enables the usual mobility in the saddle while you are enjoying your ride!

The vest is activated by the coiled wire being pulled from its fixed point on the vest, which activates a small compressed gas canister neatly concealed hidden in the vest. This activation takes only 0.1 seconds!! Upon activation the concealed airbag inflates around the neck, body (both front and rear), pelvis and base of the back.

Once activated the released gas remains in the vest for 10 seconds until it slowly starts to escape through the outlet. Now the gas cartridge can be removed and the gas disappears completely when the air cushions are pressed together.
The vest is reusable (unless it gets damaged because of an accident). Only the cartridge cylinder has to be replaced and the key ball needs to be reinserted into the activation mechanism.

für den Motorsport

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